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Are you exercising wrong? MS Doctor shares techniques

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Reading Time: 2 minutes

Dr. Gretchen Hawley, a physical therapist and MS specialist shares the importance of exercise for improved mental performance and physical movement as well as helping people with autoimmune diseases gain hope and live life confidently! She’s also the founder of The MSing Link.

What We Learn: 

  • 03:55 Start at “So, let’s talk about the importance of movement”
  • 05:25 “The Mental Component of Physical Exercise”
  • 07:39 THE BS Shawna feeds herself about “EXERCISE”
  • 08:38 What if I go to the gym and people look at me because I’m doing an exercise wrong?
  • 09:44 Wearing the same shirt 2 days in a row!
  • 13:48 How did you get into MS specialty?
  • 16:00 “Foot Drop” – Symptom and suggested solution
  • 17:06 How Exercise can slow the progression of MS
  • 18:02 “As much as it’s comfortable to sit and binge on Netflix all day, our bodies are made to move. So, when you get them moving there’s blood flow, there’s oxygen flow. There are endorphins, There so much going on that we can’t see that promotes, positive thinking,  promotes strength, promotes good flexibility, so it can be hard a lot of the times to get moving, but time and time again research is proving how good it is for us mentally and physically.” 
  • 19:08 Brain Protein
  • 20:00 Break your 20 min daily workouts into 4, 5 min workouts you do throughout the day!
  • 21:03 “How Exercise Build’s Confidence”
  • 29:04 How to put gratitude on your schedule
  • 32:23 Exercises you can do at home
  • 35:33 “If you keep envisioning yourself being at your goal, your brain is going to help you get there.”  – She Means Business (BOOK)
  • 36:48 The BS Dr. Gretchen is feeding herself
  • 40:00 Dr. Terry Wahls has been a part of Dr. Gretchen’s program…
  • I love what your podcast stands for and all the guests you have. There’s so much BS that we all feed ourselves that we don’t even realize…
    —Dr. Gretchen.

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