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Is there an alcohol that’s actually GOOD for you?

BS We Feed Ourselves Podcast, Episode #31

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Summary: Mark McTavish is the founder and CEO of 101 Cider House as well as a devoted cider fan, lover of artistic beverages, and a true health nut.  Mark is a former bodybuilder and native of Toronto, Canada.  After helping to pioneer the craft beer industry in Canada, Mark began to give up the suds in favor of cider. His goal to make “the world’s healthiest alcoholic beverage.” 

What We Learn: 

2:29 What If I make the world’s healthiest alcoholic beverages 

5:51 I think we’re giving alcohol a bad name when it’s our behavior that’s actually the problem. 

8:53 Cider is paleo-friendly…

14:52 Can I cook with cider? 

16:00 “Healthiest alcohols” according to Mark 

17:30 Rich People and Wine (Mark’s Thoughts)

23:24 Ask questions. Support natural winemakers … Sonoma

25:14 Tequila is the healthiest hard liquor? 

31:37 That’s why I love the ethos of your podcast. it’s not just the physical stuff we’re munching on.


“You have a responsibility to investigate what you’re putting into your own body.” – Mark McTavish

“We’re not eating things that are good for our gut typically until our late 20s when we start to learn about our diet. When we take a more mindful approach and we start to discover these things, we cling to diets like keto, paleo, fodmap, and all these things to be more symptomatically driven. We’re not really getting ahead of anything, we’re thinking about how we fix ourselves. And one of the things that have messed us up the most in our 20s is drinking alcohol. More systematically driven. “ – Mark McTavish



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