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Clairvoyant for Fortune 500 CEOs shares wellness secrets

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Reading Time: 2 minutes

Summary: Gwen Dittmar is a clairvoyant who has supported Fortune 500 CEOs, entrepreneurs, actresses, health & wellness professionals, addiction recovery professionals, and more; all who want to reclaim their energy, work, and life. She’s a high-functioning overachiever who has faced a number of challenges, including a near-death experience and struggles with alcohol. She has learned from her experiences and leaned into her clairvoyance, and is now helping people discover how to embrace their magic and level up.


What We Talk About: 

  • 00:08:56:16 – “When I got into the ambulance, I was just laying there, and I could see my mom, and I could see the guys, and I was so sick, and all of a sudden I just started to feel like, “Oh My Gosh, I think I’m dying.” And then I felt myself pullout of my body and go into this most amazing feeling.” —Gwen Dittmar.
  • 00:14:27:08 – Near-death experience
  • 00:18:39:11 – Gwen shares mom passing away story
  • 00:19:53:19 – The benefits of “earthing”  aka putting your bare feet on the ground.
  • 00:21:38:14 – How to tap into your universal life force.
  • 00:21:52:02 -”We look like form, but we’re just energy; cells vibrating against each other.”
  • 00:22:41:22 – Just imagine you have this energetic life bubble around you. And you consciously make a choice. No one is allowed to come into this space. This is my space. This is my energy. I can sense your energy. I can have compassion for your energy, but your energy doesn’t come into mine. — Even when you’re being sensual with people you can still have your own energy be your energy.
  • 00:24:39:06 – Relationship structures. “H” vs “T”
  • 00:35:52:19 – Gwen shares how she used alcohol to cope with her clairvoyance and how she now manages her addiction.
  • 00:37:23:04 – “It’s not that I’m extreme. I’m just open.”
  • 00:37:35:22 – “I receive a lot. I feel a lot. I sense a lot. I’m in tune to a lot.”
  • 00:38:06:18 – Gene Keys explanation
  • 00:41:54:21 – How “Sober Curious” Facebook groups helped Gwen.
  • 00:47:25:06 – How Gwen became a mother of 2 after she was told she’d never have children.
  • 00:51:04:10 – Gwen opens up about her divorce
  • 00:52:04:01 – “The human life is the vehicle to do that… so whether it comes through addiction, alcoholism, disease, or divorce, or custody challenges, or losing your home, or shifting careers, losing money and learning how to make it back again, near-death experiences, the human vehicle is really just there so we can learn.” – Gwen Dittmar
  • 01:00:54:24 – How relinquishing control and delegating tasks can help you grow in your business.


Links from this Episode: 

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