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Confessions of an Overweight Doctor – Why DNA Matters (Part2)

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Reading Time: 2 minutes

Summary: How to diet based on your genes in part 2 of this interview of the interview with Dr. Hailey Heard and Dr. Megan Arnold, cofounders at MaxGen Labs. In this episode, they share how some popular diets, like going Keto, may be hurting you more than helping you. They also share how you can take control of your life and health with more knowledge about your genes.

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What We Discuss: 

  • 00:30:17:16 – Do you have leptin resistance?
  • 00:30:24:24 – “With Genes, we can really pinpoint what your idea eating situation should be and we’ve tried to …so many different variables with genes…so we’ve tried to create an algorithm that gives you the basic and most important information to implement in your lifestyle, with action steps.
  • 00:31:09:12 – Should you focus more on marathon training or lifting? Is working out in the gym actually going to help you lose weight? Or is it a lost cause…so, on my test… it said I have a propensity toward endurance athlete, which my husband really laughed at.
  • 00:33:16:10 – 5 different genetic markers for gluten sensitivity
  • 00:34:58:11 – The Best Type of APOE Gene
  • 00:35:36:24 – The problems of the APOE 4 gene: dementia, ms, liver
  • 00:36:36:09 – APOE 4 ‘s need to avoid alcohol, heavy metals like aluminum and mercury
  • 00:39:20:09 – “Most people don’t believe they can heal themselves or they’ll think they’ll get results immediately…that’s a little bs-ish as well… you do it one step at a time… “
  • 00:40:13:07 – Don’t expect to see results overnight, but know it is possible for you to get better
  • 00:41:20:07 – Your diagnosis isn’t your destiny” — Dr. Megan Arnold
  • 00:42:24:22 – “People don’t know how to prioritize their health because they want that instant gratification.” If they say I want to lose 10 pounds… but they’re not sleeping and they’re stressed out….”
  • 00:43:13:01 – “Confessions of an Overweight Doctor” blog mention
  • 00:46:30:20 – Your genetics are your blueprint, but how you are today is driven by what you’re doing to optimize your genetics. IF you have the genetics for diabetes….which every female in my family has Type 2 Diabetes, I am the only one who does not. The only way is I’m eating the way I’m supposed to eat.
  • 00:49:26:09 – The BS Dr. Hailey and Dr. Megan are feeding themselves
  • 00:52:43:10 – COUPON CODE: thebswefeedourselves will get you 15% off your genetic test at and

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