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On the verge of burnout? How to meditate for beginners

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Dr. Shelly Sethi shares what it’s like to be an A-type, how it affects our health and how to meditate for much-needed mental peace. If you’re not a mediator, and you need some basics, this is the episode for you. Dr. Sethi is a best-selling author and a board-certified family physician.

What We Learn: 

  • 02:05 “You’re doing so much more for people, by allowing them to do for you.” – Dr. Shelly Sethi
  • 04:02 Gratitude discussion
  • 08:29 Melissa from Whole 30’s head injury and the science
  • 11:34 Exercise + Sauna
  • 17:41 Meditation and peak performance
  • 18:39 How To Make Meditation Work For You: “start with one minute”
  • 19:38 Let’s say you have a mother in law you’re at odds with…
  • 21:51 Explanation of how our memories change
  • 27:19 The block to meditation for some people is the pain it brings up
  • 29:11 Breathwork can be more powerful than some medications?
  • 29:35 The “BS” Shelly feeds herself: “I’ll go to the gym tomorrow. I’ll make better choices tomorrow.”
  • 30:42 the “BS”  that “we’re all going to die and it doesn’t matter.”
  • 33:00 Why sleep is so important
  • 36:33 Dr. Sethi’s book writing process

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