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What I Learned: Keeping Your Hormones Healthy

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3 days at an endocrine seminar had me rethinking what I knew about the body and how it all works together. In this episode, I cover hormone balancing tips the role of blood sugar regulation, the importance of fish oil, detoxing the liver and why you need a good gut microbiome.

If you’re someone who has always performed at a very high level but suddenly find yourself struggling, it may be your hormones. I spent a weekend at a workshop which really taught me a lot about it. This is something that I always took for granted, but after making a few small changes to my lifestyle have seen amazing results!  In this episode, I’ll share 4 important things I learned that are helping me perform at my peak…and perhaps they’ll help you as well.


What We Learn: 

  • 00:29 – The Endocrine System, an explanation
  • 02:02 – These 4 things really help people.
    1. Blood sugar regulation (oxygen in the blood)
    2. Fish oil
    3. Detoxing the liver
    4. Good gut microbiome
  • 02:38 – Get to the root cause of your hormone issues
  • 03:03 – “Starving yourself and feeding yourself big doses of food..definitely disrupts your sugar pattern. As A-Types we do this all the time, we skip breakfast, we skip lunch, we skip meals and sometimes we’re doing that because we’re intermittent fasting,  but you have to understand if that actually works for your body or not.”
  • 03:07 – Why You Shouldn’t Skip Meals… Why Intermittent Fasting May NOT be good for you
  • 05:46 – 1/3 of the people of have sleep apnea are not big people.
  • 08:50 – Why to avoid alcohol at night
  • 09:34 – Fish Oils
  • 12:19 – How fish oils can reduce inflammation
  • 13:59 – The importance of an awesome gut microbiome
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